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Investment Real Estate

At its most basic, real estate investment is about finding the most promising areas then buy low and sell high. However, when the rubber meets the road, our analysis in finding the right deal can give up to a 100% ROI in under 5 years.
At Attorney Realty Alliance, Ltd. we help our clients with all aspects of investment including: Increasing your potential profits whilst Minimizing risks & Avoiding and dealing with potential lawsuits

Our staff are comprised of brokers, attorneys, former general contractors, commercial and luxury home builders, real estate agents, property managers, and also real estate investors themselves.

We have decades of collective experience and our team understands what real estate investor go through. We can anticipate and solve issues for you quickly. Most importantly, our peers have the utmost respect for our work.

We understand the world of real estate investment as well as anybody, having worked with hundreds of clients in this area over the years.

Therefore, we not only know what kind of planning you need for your investment, we also anticipate your opportunities and issues before the come up. This allows us to act fast and either prevent or quickly resolve potential problems for you.

Our biggest achievement has been the list of clients that we have earned and retained for almost a decade. We are one of the most highly recommended investment firms for real estate investment in Las Vegas and Nevada.

Luxury & Commercial Real Estate

Las Vegas Luxury Homes
Luxury Homes in Las Vegas
A step above the rest... let us make you more and charge you less. For sellers we list your luxury home for 1.5%. For buyers we will give up to 1% of our commission back towards your closing costs.
Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate in Las Vegas
    What we suggest to all our clients is that they do not need to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of their profit when they sell their commercial real estate. We do do more for you for less... we will also, list your commercial property for only 2%.