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Sell your Las Vegas luxury residential real estate at the highest cost.
Attorney Realty Alliance has worked with a wide variety of Luxury Home and Commercial real estate clients, ranging from A-list Hollywood stars, Professional athletes, Top executives, and Renowned doctors.

There are a number of factors that clients need to take into consideration to obtain the best luxury home selling prices that are available in the market. We have a team of dedicated strategic planners who specialize in marketing, new development and research to ensure that we are able to obtain the highest selling price for your luxury home. The advice and support that you will receive goes above and beyond the services that another luxury real estate firm would offer.

With the staging advice that we suggest to our clients, we can almost ensure prices for their home, which is in most cases... exceeds tens of thousands of dollars more than what other comparable luxury homes are selling for.

We have also worked as custom, luxury home general contractors; as a result we have all the experience that is required. We will suggest repairs and modifications that can be made by the client to secure the best price and sell their home in 30 days or less, in addition to increasing the bottom line.

You luxury home deserves correct marketing, for which we have a dedicated marketing team who will ensure that you property is in good hands. We publicize your luxury home by taking professional photos, and publishing them on over 100 major websites outside of the MLS, hedge funds, and private investors. We provide full colored custom flyers and provide the financing for the printing upfront to the buyer, and we update CMAs after thirty days. Our team will regularly provide you with the buyer feedback that we receive from showing your Las Vegas Luxury Home.

Is the Short Sale option for Me?

Las Vegas Short Sale Questions
Some important issues to consider when deciding whether to short sale your home or allow it to go into foreclosure are:
1. Whether or Not You Qualify for a Short Sale

2. Federal Tax Liabilities Resulting from a Short Sale / Foreclosure

3. The Impact on Your Credit Rating

4. The Effect on Your Life and Finances Due to Resulting Deficiency Judgments

5. Whether or Not Collection Efforts by Your Lender will Cease or Continue for 10+ Years; and

6. The Estimated Waiting Period Before Being Able to Purchase Another Home.
Short Sale Real Estate Las Vegas
Consider a short sale as an option if:
    1. Most of your debt is your mortgage debt. In other words, you do not have any other substantial credit card or other type of debt. If you are burdened with other debt also, it may be best to consider filing for bankruptcy and doing a short sale. (Note: Bankruptcy does not erase the record of a foreclosure from your credit report.)

    2. The fair market value of your home or property is substantially less than the principal balance owed on your mortgage. Remember that according to historical data from the last 50+ years, your property will most likely not appreciate, overall, more than 3-5% per year.